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Jonathon Kramer L. Ac.

Jonathon Kramer L. Ac.Jonathon Kramer, L.Ac, Lic varied states, Dipl.AcFunctional Medicine, Biomedical Pulse Technician, Neurological Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Mr. Kramer is a licensed practitioner of East/West Medicine, a public health speaker and has had multiple appearances on the radio.
He attended East West College of Natural Medicine where he was trained in Florida to provide comprehensive care. He trained alongside a top European physician where he gained a background in functional and western medicine as a lead practitioner. He has also studied closely under prominent leaders in the Asian medical field all over the country.
His specialties are in advanced pain treatments and internal medicine. Focusing on pulse diagnosis detecting variations of physiology. A career of studies have included Classical and Chinese medicine as well as Japanese acupuncture, functional medicine, homeopathy, Eastern and Western botanical medicinal and clinical nutritional supplementation, naturopathic medicine,orthopedic assessment, acupuncture sports medicine, and physical exam.

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