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Before/After Photos

Here are some great examples of the results our many skin rejuvenation clients have seen!

A little dip in the chin...
Tighter chin after treatment!
Whoa! Mugshot!
Wow! New face!
Rosacea red!
A much healthier, rosy pink complexion
See how blotchy and red?
Wow! What a smiling difference!
The classic case of a falling face...
WOW! Look at this rejuvenatioin after ONE treatment!
"Help! My neck has fallen and it won't lift up!"
Not JUST the chin, but the CHEEKS lifted, too! Beautiful lady, both inside and out!
Ruddy face, chicken neck (as described by the patient)...
Pinker, smoother, and tighter... look at how the chin and neck tightened, after only TWO treatments!
These eye caverns were short lived...
...see the improvement after JUST ONE treatment??
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