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How Do You Spell Proven Relief from Colds and Flu? A-C-U-P-U-N-C-T-U-R-E!!

OK, you’ve done everything possible – taken your Vitamin C (and Vitamin D, as some experts claim), eaten a well-balanced diet, gotten your rest, exercised regularly, and _____________ (you fill in the blank); however, somewhere, somehow, your immune system had a moment – just a MOMENT – of weakness, and before you knew it, you were sniffly, sneezy, achy, and just plain sick! So, now what? Are you doomed to the full, standard duration of the cold or flu?

Not necessarily! In my office, I have successfully treated many patients with colds and flu symptoms. In fact, if the patient visits the office as soon as symptoms appear (chills and fever, sore throat, body aches, headaches, and even vomiting), acupuncture has relieved all pain and has even stopped nausea and vomiting. I’ve even been able to relieve a sore throat in 15-30 minutes!

Don’t just take my word for it: Scientists at the Beijing College of Acupuncture & Orthopedics reported the favorable results of a trial with fifty-seven patients, all of whom were suffering from a cold, influenza, acute tonsillitis, or acute bronchitis. All participants were treated with acupuncture at specific related points on the body:

  • Dazhui (Du 14) which releases heat from the body
  • Fengchi (GB20)which releases toxic wind, benefits the head and eyes, clears the sense organs, and activates the channel to alleviate pain,
  • Feishu (UB13)which tonifies the Lung Qi, nourishes the Lung yin, descends the Lung Qi, clears heat from the Lungs, and releases the exterior of the body from toxins causing aches and pains, and
  • Quchi (LI11)which also clears heat, cools the blood, eliminates wind, drains damp, eliminates itching, regulates the flow of Qi and Blood, and activates the channel and alleviates pain.

The results: 80% of the patients reported the treatment as “effective” or “markedly effective”!

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So, think twice before you reach for the medicine chest to temporarily alleviate your symptoms (often for a far shorter duration than the recommended dosages). Try acupuncture as soon as symptoms set in, and you can minimize the severity and length of the cold or flu… don’t be sick for weeks! Acupuncture can help you get well!

Source: Tan D. Treatment of fever due to exopathic wind-cold by rapid acupuncture. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CHINA) Dec 1992, 12 (4) p267-71

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